Fascias & Guttering

Stop worrying about maintaining or painting your guttering or fascia with our ultra low maintenance roofline products. Our guttering is designed to be leek-free and can withstand extreme differences in temperatures, coping with whatever our harsh British climate can throw at it.

The roofline is the weakest point of the building and the area that gets the most punishment from the elements. Did you know that broken guttering will often lead to damp and mould inside the house? Access is difficult to make repairs, and being so high up means it’s one of the least checked areas on a house.


Broken or damaged fascias give an appearance of a damaged roof, so keeping it maintained is a must. Direct sunlight can often lead to cracked and discoloured guttering and fascias. Our products are made using the latest material technology with added benefits such as extra protection against UV rays. Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) is a natural mineral used in sunblock, by adding this mineral means you get a guttering system that not only looks better but also lasts longer.

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