Selecting double glazing for your home is a major decision, it is an important and lasting investment in your property.

If the windows in your home consist of single or older double glazed units, replacing them with energy efficient windows will save you money, in fact it can reduce the energy you need to heat your home by up to 20%.

With visible benefits for both the environment and your home, it’s clear to see why the energy efficient windows are so important, so how do you choose the best ones for you? The Government has set itself a specific target of ensuring all new homes after 2016 are zero carbon. This is in addition to the general requirement of an overall carbon emission reduction as set out by the Kyoto agreement.

To highlight this topic and enable a system of both an independent source of information and also easy to understand the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) working in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Council, have created a performance label clearly defining the energy efficiency of windows from any manufacturer, The Window Energy Rating label is similar to that used on many white goods in our homes, such as fridges and washing machines. Windows are scored on a scaled of A – G, with an A rated window being more energy efficient than a G rated window.

By thinking and acting greener, you can reduce both your impact on the environment and your heating bills. This is why energy efficient windows are the clear choice.

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